dinsdag, november 04, 2008

Roch Voisine new album "Americana"

Roch Voisine released his new album earlier this year in Canada ... looks like we are running behind ... ;)

Themesong City of New Orleans ..

Americana : Release in Europe August 28 2008 (11 new songs + 3 bonus bilingual)

1. City of New Orleans
2. Ring Of Fire
3. Let it Be Me
4. Lay Lady Lay
5. Crazy
6. Suspicious Minds
7. You Never Can Tell
8. And I Love You So
9. Always On My Mind
10. I Will Always Love You
11. Ode To Billy Joel

Bonus english / french

1. City Of New Orleans / Salut les Amoureux
2. Let It Be Me / Je T’appartiens
3. Ode To Billy Joe / La Marie Jeanne

In the next videos you can see Roch Voisine in an interview given with Georges Lang on his promoting Americano.

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