zondag, april 26, 2009

Ambiorix cup Genk

Yesterday we attended the dog show in Genk with our 3 dogs, Qannik, Galinka and Vienna.
For Vienna it was here first debut and she did a real good job too! ;)

Qannik entered in the ring and finished 4th VG, Galinka made 3 Exc and Vienna made 3 VP (out of 5 pups). All in all not to bad results ;)

Vienna was very focused when she entered the ring and gave the best she had to give, playful waggling here tail and giving kisses to everyone who comes in short distance of here head ;).

Qannik is still my king and has grown out to be a very beautifull male.

Galinka is really getting into it and showing better then ever at the moment, we are really happy about the way she progressed in the last months.

Sarah also entered with Vienna in Junior-handling and finished 5th! Congrats to both. ;)


We'd like to congratulate Nancy with here dog Tundrafoot's Bern Baby Bern, she made BOB and finished 1st in BIG! A great dog. :D

vrijdag, april 10, 2009

Show Antwerps ...

Last sunday we attended the show in Antwerps with Qannik.

He finished 2nd Exc. just after Ambassador ... (congrats there) ;)

I also want to thank my wife Lisette for handling Qannik, she did a real good job!

Sarah joined us and did junior handling with Gimbya and is still learning the art of handling, she's doing a nice job and even went into the ring with Vienna to get here familiar with the ring and running.

Onward to Genk where we'll be showing Qannik, Galinka and for the first time Vienna! :-D

zaterdag, april 04, 2009

Update ... ;)

Vienna has been settling just fine with us over the last weeks, she is doing great with Qannik and Galinka as well as with Yalko, Benji and Jessy. In house she likes to fool around with Galinka and outside it's mostly Jessy or Benji who have to suffer here (sometimes overwhelming) games. ;-)

Here favorite job is still digging in the earth ... making here way to China it seems at times. :D

Then again ... she learned from the master. ;)

Big paw from Qannik and Galinka also. ;)