vrijdag, oktober 31, 2008

Pampas race/training ...

As we are still new in the scene I thought it would be nice to visit the training camp (and later on the race) that's being organized by the pampa sleddog race.
The race is being held in Helchteren which isn't even that far from home for us, so we are packing our dogs and head over to see the training camp.
If you want more info you can always check the website from the sleddog race site or visit the race at 6-7 December '08.

After our visit at the training yesterday I can only say I have more respect for the Siberian husky then before, we all know what the dog is capable of ... seeing them at work opens up quite a new world.

Some people that I've met on the forums were so kind to let Qannik and Galinka try out, their first attempt was with a step, together with Goose and Jesse they ran a short distance as it was all new to them.
Later on they were strapped in together with 2 other dogs to walk in a team of 4 dogs, thnx siberx for trying us out (I had to drive the car while siberx was sitting in front of me).

All in all I must say that it has been a very nice day and the dogs did perform pretty well overall, not top mushing but that's no surprise as it was their first encounter with the sport.
And it wont be the last time! ;)

Here is Qannik with Goose on his first step experiance!

Galinka and Goose on their return!

Joël starting ...

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