vrijdag, oktober 31, 2008

Pampas race/training ...

As we are still new in the scene I thought it would be nice to visit the training camp (and later on the race) that's being organized by the pampa sleddog race.
The race is being held in Helchteren which isn't even that far from home for us, so we are packing our dogs and head over to see the training camp.
If you want more info you can always check the website from the sleddog race site or visit the race at 6-7 December '08.

After our visit at the training yesterday I can only say I have more respect for the Siberian husky then before, we all know what the dog is capable of ... seeing them at work opens up quite a new world.

Some people that I've met on the forums were so kind to let Qannik and Galinka try out, their first attempt was with a step, together with Goose and Jesse they ran a short distance as it was all new to them.
Later on they were strapped in together with 2 other dogs to walk in a team of 4 dogs, thnx siberx for trying us out (I had to drive the car while siberx was sitting in front of me).

All in all I must say that it has been a very nice day and the dogs did perform pretty well overall, not top mushing but that's no surprise as it was their first encounter with the sport.
And it wont be the last time! ;)

Here is Qannik with Goose on his first step experiance!

Galinka and Goose on their return!

Joël starting ...

maandag, oktober 27, 2008

Dog Show Utrecht

Hi there ... another day has passed and so did another day at one of the shows.
Yesterday we attended the show at Utrecht where Qannik got his first resCAC card! ;), Galinka was send into the ring and ended up second with VG on here paper, being out of coat for a while it was a shame.

Sweet Sandy of Silverlight (Anja and Ron) was first bitch and got here youth CAC and resCAC.

Dreamcatcher's Dakota of Silverlight (belonging to Anja and Ron - Nikolatsjka) beated Qannik and managed to get his youth CAC and CAC.

Sharnak of Nikolatsjka got VP puppy and second BIS baby (while being the first time in the ring)! Sharnak and Qannik share the same line (same father and the mothers are sisters).

Seadream's Kaboom from Derouker-Picot (Cold of Nomad's) managed to get BOB.

Congrats to the winners and competitors ... good competition never hurts! ;)

Cya next in Kortrijk.

maandag, oktober 20, 2008

Qannik of Nikolatsjka ...

Just a few pictures from Qannik to add to the blog here.

zaterdag, oktober 18, 2008

Bundessieger & Nationale Zuchtschau 2008 ...

Qannik of Nikolatsjka Anw. Dt. Jug. Ch. VDH

Yesterday we attended the dog show in Dortmund Germany. As always we entered with Qannik and Galinka to compete against other dogs in the show ring.
As always the competition was very hard and with 37 husky's entered it promised to be a good competition.

Qannik had to run against 2 very nice dogs but managed to ended up first and thus gained his first German title!! He can now call himself "Bundesjugendsieger 2008" still sounds good into my ears. ;)

Galinka didn't manage to get a title and only got a 'very well' on her card ... despite the results we are getting for Galinka she's still our lovely girl and we love her just the same!

The day started quite early, waking up at 3:40 am isn't something I would like to do every day. ;)
And after a 2 hour trip we made it in time to enter the Westfallenmesse. Dog's checked and looking out for a free bench to put the dogs in. After that it's time to get our own stuff from the car (we usually always get the dogs in first so they can relax a bit after the trip in the car).

When all this was over it's time to walk the dogs a bit ... they need to relieve some tension and need to get a small peek on where they are (or is it that we are just curious and want to move around a bit to pre-show our dogs? ;) ).

One major advantage from showhandling husky's is that you don't have to fiddle around with the dog to much ... some brushing and removing some loose hair is all it takes to get your dog into shape for the show.

It was also nice to meet up with some people we met at previous shows and some new faces (who we'll be bumping into at one of the next shows to come for sure). In between the waiting we had a great time catching up on what has been happening to each other lately.

We'd like to thank judge Henrik Soeborg (DK) for his excellent judging and taking a good time to check up on every dog that entered the ring, making care they all meet the standards.

I'd also like to congratulate Schäfer Guido and Strack Klaus with there gained BOB result.

The judge really took his time to inspect the dogs when selecting the BOB, they walked for what looked for ages! ... I don't think I've made that much rounds in one show before ;) Qannik ended up 5th from 6 dogs wich I found a personal best for the both of us, competing with the champions isn't always easy for a youth dog. ;)

So, we can say that we are still very happy with Qannik's new tittle and are looking forward to the next show in Utrecht next Saturday. I'll keep you informed on what's coming next. (someone was taking pictures while Qannik was in the ring so I hope to be able to post something this week)

Here's already one for there well deserved rest!

zaterdag, oktober 11, 2008

Begeistert 019 Alphaville

Attended BeGeistert 019 today in Düsseldorf. When I got there I almost didn't recognize the hotel anymore ... a good thing they left the entrance at the same place ;)

The room wasn't filled with all the attendees when I arrived (guess some were sleeping in) ;)
But they came in shortly after ... some or quite a number of familiar faces back there and also some new ones like lelldorin and lorglass from BeSly! We've had some nice talks today.

Haiku meets Syllable (stippi aka stefan and Bas)

Listening to these guys talking makes you aware of the spirit that's been going through opensource OS's, the way the talk about Haiku and Syllable makes you want to jump in and check it all out. ;)

Stippi aka Stefan did a presentation on how to work with IconOMatic and how the icons can be edited, getting an icon on a application and some more neat stuff :P

And mmu_man aka Francois did a presentation on NetSurf, this lightweight portable browser has already some nice features and is quite usable already, still some work left as he explained it (some menu option not working amongst them).

All in all it was nice seeing the friends from a few years back again, nice talks although some to short (we do it again at another time Remi!), others where short also but very interesting with some new faces.

Looking forward to the next time (hopefully it wont take 2/3 years again! ;)

zondag, oktober 05, 2008

Socialization test ...

Yesterday we entered the socialization test with Qannik and Galinka. This test is done to see if your dog is social enough to be around people, dogs, traffic etc. ...

Galinka was being asked before and even had a short practice to prepare for the test, Qannik was only asked this week since there was a place available due to someone stepping out.

This test is also needed to get to your license of obedience and close that chapter, and to be able to compete on events of obedience.

Galinka didn't make it unfortunately ... she only failed on one part ... and this part is some that Husky's are know to have problems with, Qannik also had some problems with it but managed to get it right after some stirred commands from me. ;)

Here's a short list on how the test is setup ...

1. line up for the chip checkup (or tattoo) ...

2. lined up following, then walk into and through a group of people without the dog jumping up on the people ...

3. the dog has to sit closely to his boss while the group of people close in on them in a small circle ...

4. leaving your dog at a distance and leave ... then you get closed in by the people in a small circle (this is where Galinka didn't succeed in and Qannik had some problems with), after that you have to call your dog and he has to come to you into the circle (this while passing the other people), I think this one was the hardest for most of the dogs

5. the dog gets lined up to a fence and you have to go out of sight so the dog can't see you, then a group of people passen by followed by a group of dogs ...

6. (or 4) you have to walk with the dog in a group pass the dogs that are lined up at a fence ...

7. crossing from dog by dog (two ways) ...

8. crossing a runner, biker and a car in the opposite direction ...
9. and in the same direction ...

All in all quite an impressive course I think ... ;)