woensdag, februari 27, 2008

Flanders Dog Show Gent

So a bit late but here it is. ;)

First time for us in Gent and in the puppy class, with 2 competitors Qannik made 2nd place with very promising, Ganlinka was alone and made 1st promising.
All in all not to bad.

The dog that made first puppy (and best puppy) Jimini Della Farha was a very nice dog and the handler did a great job showing the dog, I can only say congrats!

On to the next exhibition! (Luxembourg comes in mind now) ;)

I can also say that the new job is great so far. :D

zaterdag, februari 09, 2008

New job ....

Some small news update, just started working again two weeks back and liking it very much ;)
Good thing about it all is that I can move the hours around so I can still go out for the dog trainings.
Haven't been able to go to Maastricht for a few weeks now ... on Monday it's time again (looking forward to it also). I hope the dogs will do their best too (as do I have to) ;)
We visited the dogs how in Eindhoven yesterday together with Ron (Nikolatsjka) and met some interesting people and their dogs.
3 dogs from the Nikolatsjka breeder were there (family of Qannik in a way) and had some nice talk with the owners, also the people of cold nomad (although I really need to practice my french).
All in all a great day, only to bad Qannik couldn't enter ... he was 2 days short (Husky's had to enter the ring on Friday and Qannik is 6 months tomorrow Sunday).
Next on the program is Gent at the 24st this month and then probably Luxembourg.

Will keep you informed. ;)