zondag, april 27, 2008

10e Ambiorix Troffee Genk ...

Yesterday we went to Genk to the Ambiorix Troffee, Qannik made first male puppy and came in second best (lost that one from Sandy (Sweet Sandy of Silverlight)),Sandy in her turn won from Galinka in the female part for puppies.

We'd like to congratulate Ron and Anja also this time for their help and guidance that we receive from them during the shows, also for their gained results in Genk, Sandy for best husky puppy and Moony (Love me Sweet of Silverlight) as BOB (she gained here CAC also there so there's every reason to party)! ;)

It doesn't happen that often that a Husky stands on an honour stage, but Olivier Bresciani made best veteran dog (TonightÏ of Cold Nomad's - dog is 12.5 years!) in show! Congrats Olivier.

All in all it was a very fine show as always, had some nice talks with friends that we meet up on other shows, new faces with same interest, or even other interest but still with mutual love for dogs.

Big thanks to Judge Mr. Piet Rosenboom for doing a great job.

Pictures will follow. ;) (they just did) ^^

zaterdag, april 19, 2008

Show handling update ...

It's been a while since the last blog item so here it goes ...

We've to Luxembourg and Antwerpen since the last update, Luxembourg was a very nice show, up to 40 Huskies competed in the ring, Qannik made 4th place very promising, Galinka made 1st promising.

On the picture you can see (from left to right) Casino Royale of Cool Water, Jimini Della Fahra, Let It Be Della Fahra and Qannik of Nikolatsjka.

After that Antwerpen came and Qannik made a nice 2nd place very promising and also Galinka made a very nice 2nd very promising (she ran against her sister Ganya who we'd like to congratulate on her win - she ended up as best puppy in breed and 4th best puppy in Antwerpen! good work Peggy - hope to see you again).

Ganya in her pose ...

We've had nice days with lots of familiar faces that we bump into on the shows, let it be and jimini being a few of them. Despite our different languages we all seem to end up with a good time and good talks. It was nice to see An (d'Abajomy) again with 2 of her dogs (Dezhno and Crazy), Dezhno ended up as 2nd best in breed ... so congrats to An is due also. ;)

In the next picture you can see Galinka and Ganya.

And one from Galinka ...

Hope to see all of you next in Genk.