zaterdag, januari 31, 2009

Vienna update ...

Hi there .... another week has passed and she's getting bigger by the week. We are very happy with the way she is progressing every week, she is going to be a real hart breaker if she keeps it up that way. ;)

Ron is trying to let me go into pose! ;)

Doesn't she have a pretty mask/face! ;)

woensdag, januari 14, 2009

Vienna of Nikolatsjka

As of the beginning of next month we are glad to welcome Vienna into our family. We've been looking forward for here for over half a year by now (since it was decided that her mother was going to be bred). Finally it's getting closer and we can't wait to get her into our midst.

Vienna is born on 9-12-2008 and is a daughter from Mike of Nikolatsjka and Love me Sweet of Silverlight (Int.Chmp.) You will be seeing more photo's from here now and then but if you want to follow closer you can always hop over to .

Here's already a photo for you to enjoy (she's 5 weeks in this picture)

Update (she's now 5,5 weeks in this picture)

dinsdag, januari 06, 2009

Snow snow snow .... ;)

It's been long since we've had this much snow in our place .. so all the more reason to let you all in a little view where the dogs are playing in the yard here. Enjoy !

The none sled dogs ;)

ps. they enjoyed a good run and play in the snow as much as the others. ;)