woensdag, juni 25, 2008

Brussels Dog Show 2008

Here's a short update on Brussels Dog Show that was held last weekend.
We arrived quite early but the doors for the competitors were open from 7:30 so we could get in very quickly to get a bench and prepare for the show.
All in all we had a great time there and the results (despite the one from Hulten for Qannik) were very good!
Qannik made best Junior male and Best Junior Husky!! With that he also qualified for Crufts next year ... will be some work to get all stuff together and arranged by then (the purpose of entering in Brussels was this qualification).
Galinka made 2nd Very Good puppy female, an great achievement if you see that here opponent made BIS puppy!!
Many thanks to judge Mr. Gustaaf Van den Bosch!
The sled dogs did a pretty good job in Brussels as far as I know, BIS baby (malamute), BIS puppy (Husky), BIS veteran (Husky) ... Congrats to all competing and for those wanting to get into Crufts and made the qualification, hope to see you there next year! ;)

PS. the local TV station did a small interview and broadcasted it at: Brusselsnieuws.be

Mind you, the line they took from the interview has to be taken into consideration ;) The kids here still mean the world to us. :D

maandag, juni 16, 2008


On Saturday we attended our first outdoor show in Hulten. To bad the rain made us move into the tents were they could continue the judging of the dogs.
Qannik and Galinka both went into the ring alone and Galinka did a nice job and got here very promising degree on here paper. Qannik however also made it first (hard not to when you are alone) ;) but only got a very good degree :'(, the judge told me he was in his bikini fur (being in summer coat) and therefor missed the excellent on his paper.
Ohwell ... on to the next one (Brussels Dog Show on Saturday) ;)

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