zondag, november 30, 2008

Amsterdam Winner 2008

Attended the Amsterdam Winner 2008 yesterday with Qannik and Galinka and got back the results we made as overall show results, Qannik didn't manage to end first but ended up in the 4th place but still got his Excellent (U), which was very nice to me (still wanted first place ... but don't we all) ;)

Galinka came in 3th and got a usual Very Good (ZG), so maybe she's not a beauty competitor ... judges are overall content with here and thus meaning she has all what's needed to be a "husky". ;)

PS. I think we need a new photographer ;)

As always we had a great time and had nice talks with our competitors.
Taking the roll of translator seems to be taking more time on the shows then before :), not that I mind, talking in foreign languages is nice when your able too and one should try to keep it up as much as possible.
On to Genk! ;)

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Anoniem zei

Attended the Amsterdam Winner 2009 yesterday with Qannik and Galinka

Je loopt een jaar voor :P

Gefeliciteerd met de behaalde resultaten !

Groetjes Angelique

Begasus zei

whoot ;) aangepast en bedankt ;)

Anoniem zei

félicitations ,pour vos résultats,j'espère qu'on se verra bientôt en expositions.
vous pouvez venir visité mon site ,une naissance est prévue pour le 24 décembre .
a bientôt ,câlins a vos loups.

Begasus zei

merci bien! et vous bonne chance avec votre naissance. ;)