maandag, oktober 27, 2008

Dog Show Utrecht

Hi there ... another day has passed and so did another day at one of the shows.
Yesterday we attended the show at Utrecht where Qannik got his first resCAC card! ;), Galinka was send into the ring and ended up second with VG on here paper, being out of coat for a while it was a shame.

Sweet Sandy of Silverlight (Anja and Ron) was first bitch and got here youth CAC and resCAC.

Dreamcatcher's Dakota of Silverlight (belonging to Anja and Ron - Nikolatsjka) beated Qannik and managed to get his youth CAC and CAC.

Sharnak of Nikolatsjka got VP puppy and second BIS baby (while being the first time in the ring)! Sharnak and Qannik share the same line (same father and the mothers are sisters).

Seadream's Kaboom from Derouker-Picot (Cold of Nomad's) managed to get BOB.

Congrats to the winners and competitors ... good competition never hurts! ;)

Cya next in Kortrijk.

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