zaterdag, oktober 11, 2008

Begeistert 019 Alphaville

Attended BeGeistert 019 today in Düsseldorf. When I got there I almost didn't recognize the hotel anymore ... a good thing they left the entrance at the same place ;)

The room wasn't filled with all the attendees when I arrived (guess some were sleeping in) ;)
But they came in shortly after ... some or quite a number of familiar faces back there and also some new ones like lelldorin and lorglass from BeSly! We've had some nice talks today.

Haiku meets Syllable (stippi aka stefan and Bas)

Listening to these guys talking makes you aware of the spirit that's been going through opensource OS's, the way the talk about Haiku and Syllable makes you want to jump in and check it all out. ;)

Stippi aka Stefan did a presentation on how to work with IconOMatic and how the icons can be edited, getting an icon on a application and some more neat stuff :P

And mmu_man aka Francois did a presentation on NetSurf, this lightweight portable browser has already some nice features and is quite usable already, still some work left as he explained it (some menu option not working amongst them).

All in all it was nice seeing the friends from a few years back again, nice talks although some to short (we do it again at another time Remi!), others where short also but very interesting with some new faces.

Looking forward to the next time (hopefully it wont take 2/3 years again! ;)

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