zondag, december 09, 2007

Dog handling

As you have read in my previous posts ... we got a new husky "Qannik" (www.siberianhuskiesnikolatsjka.nl/) to add there I have to say that also Galinka joined in our home. Galinka (http://www.abajomy.be/) is a brown female husky and plans are to go into showing the dogs on dog shows.

Qannik already had his first show yesterday at the International Dog Show (http://www.lkv-dogshow.be.tt)- in Genk near to our place, Qannik still only at 4 months has to enter the dog shows as a "baby" dog for now. But he did his best and won his first show (being a baby doesn't really have a real meaning at the time - but winning is nevertheless what we plan to do when entering the ring) ;).

Qannik wil do his second show on monday (clubmatch) in Vilt(NL) .. so keeping my fingers crossed for that one (probly for the next ones also) ;)

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