maandag, september 24, 2007

Marijke and Qannik
Leaving our daughter in Gent yesterday ...

Sending your kids to school when they are small is one of the hardest things you have to do as a parent, usually this is done by the mother when they are young.
Now when going to high school it's another story ... and the father is actually more involved into this process. Marijke ... our second daughter (18 yrs) decided a short while ago that she wanted to go to high school in Gent.
With such short notice it was very hard to get everything ready in time. Even now today when she's doing here first day at school there we need to take care of some things.

Drifting off ... well on Saturday I drove up to Gent to take here bicycle and a small freezer over to Gent. A good thing that there was another guy in the building to help me take the freezer up to here room.
On Sunday we drove up (the wife, Marijke, Sarah and me) to Gent to do some final things at here room. Hanging the curtains, cleaning up on the bathroom and toilet, doing some rough cleaning in the small yard etc.
After that we went out for a short drink and some food.
Now that that was all done we had to leave for home, leaving Marijke back in Gent on here own. I can imagine what mothers have been going through when taking their kids to kindergarten, felt like I had to leave a part of me behind. Both the wife and me had a hard time driving away from here, and I can imagine she's having a hard time too. Still have the urge to pick up the phone and call here every x time. Bad idea to do I think ... She needs to focus on here school stuff and calling back and forth would only make it harder I think.
Anyway ... hope you're doing alright Marijke, we all support you from home and wish you all the best and luck for the future.

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