woensdag, december 12, 2007

MHSV club match

Monday was the day the club match was held in Maastricht (Vilt) and the second show Qannik of Nikolatsjka had to walk (and myself for that matter) ;)

Out of more then 40 dogs Qannik managed to make 6th ... not a bad result at all (being only 4 months old).
Congratulations are in order for the winner and all the competitors - specialy Davy Visschers with his Tshi-zu Diego who made first place.

A full set of pictures from the evening can be found at: webshots.

A big thanks is due for Ron (Nikolatsjka - Landgraaf) for the tips he gave me, also I need to thank the people of the "Maastrichtse Hondensport Sport Vereniging - MSHV" for the training I received so far. I'm looking forward in continuing the training there .. together with Galink d'Abajomy.

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