maandag, september 29, 2008

MHSV Internationale Rashondententoonstelling ...

Maastricht had been preparing for this already 25th event of the International Dogshow. The halls were packed with dogs when the event started (as it should be), up to 2400 dogs entered the ring over 2 days. I think the organization can call it a succeeded event. ;)
The preparations of Qannik and Galinka seems to have done some good, even if we didn't make first place with the dogs we are very pleased with the outcome and we still have a good feeling about our dogs. ;)

A big thanks to the judge L. Zake (Lt) for judging the dogs.
Qannik of Nikolatsjka 2 U/Exc
Galinka d'Abajomy 5 U/Exc

We'd also like to congratulate Anja and Ron with their new baby pup Tiara who made it to 5 best baby in show!!!


A big thanks also to Johan and Anastasia with their Shi-tzu Ger. Jch. Xeralane's Face The Glamour "Gary" who made it to BOB while competing with more then 60 dogs!! Great performance!!!


Marcel Huls his American Akita Torazo's With Or Whitout You NJK made it to "Mooiste hond van Limburg" .. a big congrats there also !!!

And finaly we'd like to congratulate our friend Jurgen and Wilma Hell-Frijters with their Samojeed Sam-Ways From Flori-Teryky Nathan Njk who made it to BIS!! That's all our target! you made it ... enjoy it !!!

We had a great time and got a chance to look at some of Qannik's oncle's, Ortegha and Odin of Nikolatsjka and their owners, it was quite a cosy corner with all the husky's, malamute and samojeeds around.

Things went very fine so we are looking forward to the next show. ;)

Dortmund wir kommen herran!! ;)

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