zondag, september 07, 2008

International Dog show Luxembourg

Yesterday we entered the dog show in Luxembourg with our 2 dogs Qannik and Galinka. Competition was hard as 37 husky's where entered.
Qannik finaly managed to get 3th place Excellent (first junior male finally made BOB - Gaia LYKAIA Boreas - a big congrats there, great looking dog also), and I'm very proud/pleased with his gained place and result.
Galinka in her place made also 3th place but only got Very Promising (judge said she still has to grow into it), despite here VP we are still very much in love with her and still believe in her. Sandy (Sweet Sandy of Silverlight) made best junior female where congrats are in order too.
We'd also like to thank Gabrielle (Petit) for the friendship we get when we meet at shows (and for letting us use here broom table too) ;), you've got a nice family there and it's always fun when we get together.
A big thanks also to the judge Gustaaf Van den Bosch for his excellent judging and taking his time to inspect the dogs carefully!!

The show in itself has been very pleasant, one wouldn't know we where that far from home (depending on the definition of far), a couple from Spain also entered with their husky - Robin Hood del Karraces - International champion and made first place with the male champion dogs - they had to travel 14!! hours to get back home .. talking about commitment! ;)
Taking French and German (besides Dutch) helps you make new friends, talk to people you otherwise couldn't speak with is always handy (although my French still needs practice). ;)

On to the next one!! (Zwolle here we come!!) ;)

Bellow here is Gaia Lykaia Boreas

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