maandag, januari 07, 2008


First of all let me give you all our best wishes for 2008. With lots of good health!!!

Next thing is like the post says 'Hoogstraten' and it's annual dog show 'Schaal der Kempen', with almost 1800 competing dogs one could say it's a well attended show.
Quit a lot of visitors with questions to the show handlers and dog owners (a good thing if you are planning to buy a dog - visit one of the many dogshows and checkout the dogs, and ask questions).

Anyway ... main thing is that our husky's also entered and competed, Qannik made 1st very promising as male husky and ended up as best baby husky in Hoogstraten, Galinka got her first '1st' very promising. This was the first time for my wife and for Galinka in the ring. Congrats to both! ;)

Next in line is Gent ...

Can't wait to get back to the training in Maastricht again ...

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