maandag, september 24, 2007

Qannik revival ...

After Qannik died we decided to look for a new pup and took our time to hunt for some Husky breeders. After visiting a few of them we made our choice and 2 breeders were selected were we wanted to buy our new puppie(s) from.
Our luck couldn't be any better when the first breeder told us that the first puppies were due in a few weeks, second luck was that we could choose a name starting with Q, with some brainstorming we decided to take the name Qannik back in use, this way we could extend our luck that we had with our previous dog (if only for 5 days).
While typing this entry the second breeder informed us of the nest that is being born at this very moment. Although this time we have to wait untill we can be sure that there will be a puppy left. As quite a few are already reserved.
Anyway ... this is our new litle bugger Qannik.

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