woensdag, juli 18, 2007

Another departure ...

Seems that all I do these days is saying goodbye to a lot of close friends.
After Gerard came ZETA, and now I have to say goodbye to Qannik.

Qannik is/was a Siberian Husky, we only got him last Friday, and he stole our harts from the very first day. The wife found the add for him online and we called right away to see if that pup was still around there.

Qannik, we searched a long time just to find you, and we waited a long time before even making that step to get a new dog (even though the daughters already had their dogs), you fitted right in and played with the other dogs as if they were family.

We will miss you all in the house here Qannik, I can't even say how empty the place feels without you now.

Rest in peace Qannik!!! (ps .. love you always)

PS. thnx Larissa for the image and words.

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