vrijdag, april 20, 2007

ZETA's Future ...

Need to write some stuff down otherwise I'm going made :P

With all the recent discussions that are being held I don't get that people who take a lead part of a firm, like Acces and Magnussoft go public with all there announcements.

If they would let the lawyers handle the stuff and started talking to each other instead of going public on (in the meantime) quiet a few public forums, news sites. I'm still a strong believer in ZETA, and if things were so illegal as they state it is, then I don't get why JLG had a meeting with Bernd a few years back, why would they let it last so long etc etc ... to many why's that don't add up to the way they act at the moment.

If things clear out and those people are standing on the wrong side of the street all there announcements can backfire on them.

I'm in favor in handling this in a private serene matter that perhaps solves the issues even faster then pointing fingers on public sites. No one benefits from speculations now.

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