zondag, februari 08, 2009

KC De Kempen Eindhoven

Yesterday it was time to go to a dogshow again, it has been 2 months already since we visited the last one. ;)

In Eindhoven it was the annual KC De Kempen dog show. Inside the exhibition hall it was crowded and packed with all competitors and a great variety of dogs.

We entered as always with Qannik and Galinka, Qannik made a nice 3 Exc. in the male section and Galinka made 1 Excl.! bringing here the first youthCAC!! Congrats to Galinka and Lisette.


Thanks to judge T. Johnston (Ierland) for his fine judging.

Galinka really made a big jump forward and we are very happy to see here as she is at the moment.

On to the next one! ;)

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