maandag, februari 09, 2009

Elive meets Compiz!

Most of you know that I'm not the biggest fan of the 'most used operating system' and use other OS's that fill my need. Also my love for BeOS still remains and is getting a boost with the progress Haiku is making with each step forward. As a side note I sometimes try out other linux distro's (using xubuntu as my main OS atm) and one of them is Elive. A very fast system build on the Enlightenment window manager.
Compiz on the other hand brought nice effects to the os.
Well words can only say so much ... take a look at the video and let it impress you in a way words can't. ;)

This is a Special version of Elive for compiz-lovers, if you want a Stable system use a normal Elive version instead. Ecomorph is in development and you could have some errors or strange problems in your graphical system. You are warned, but in any case we invite you to enjoy it :)

Check out the website and download the live CD version (no need to install if you don't like it ... you can run it from the CD).

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