zondag, november 15, 2009

Euro Dog Show Kortrijk 2009

Yesterday we attended the dog show in Kortrijk with Qannik, Ice and Vienna. As always we had a great time talking to other people competing for the best dog, good to see that we can get along together. ;)

As for the results, Qannik made a nice 2nd place with ZG/VG, Ice made his entry for the first time with us (he had been in the ring only once before) and we are very proud on how he reacted and let the judge check him out! despite that ... he ended up at the 4th place ZG/VG but we are still very glad he joined in the pack here ... he has adjusted real good with the rest of the dogs and seeing him doing well in the ring gives us hope for the future.

Vienna who has been handled by Antal Gabor won her first place in the section youth bitches (1st U/Ex) making here best female youth husky at the show! I'd like to thank Ron (Kennel of Nikolatsjka)and Dana (kennel Silverlight) for grooming Vienna and Gabor for his excellent handling!!! We hope to see here doing that well at the dog show in Brussels next month. ;) Teamwork is a nice thing. ;)

We'd like to congratulate Dana of the kennel Silverlight also with the results she made, with here male dog Dream Maker Of Silverlight who made BOB (1st Excl/U champion class), and here female dog Best Forever Of Silverlight who made best female (1st Ex/U intermediary class).

And last but not least we'd like to thank the judge Mrs. Vics Beverly (US) for doing a great judging on the dogs.

PS the picture from Vienna is a bit blurred ... when I get a nice and descent picture from someone that has been taking pictures from the side I'll update that one. ;)

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