dinsdag, juni 16, 2009

Lommel 2009

It has been a little quit with the show we were running in the last months. Having Vienna new to the pack was our first concern and socializing the new puppy with the dogs here and outside was one thing we wanted to do.
But last Sunday we attended the show in Lommel and went in with Qannik and Vienna of Nikolatsjka (Vienna's first time in puppy class), and Galinka d'Abajomy.
Qannik made a well deserved (although I just as gladly would have seen in the first place) ;) 2'nd Excl. (U) in the open class, Galinka in her turn made 6'nd VG (ZG). Vienna made 3'd VP (VB) and is a promising dog for the future.
On to the next one! (Genk ... here we come) ;)

PS. Congrats Anja & Ron (Nikolatsjka) with Moony (Love me sweet of Silverlight) on getting here Belgian Champion title (she already was International Champion and now she can add this one to here list)!

Also congrats to Nancy with Dysco (Tundrafoot's Bern Baby Bern) who made BOB and ended up 4th BIS!

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