zondag, mei 11, 2008

Pinkstershow Arnhem

Yesterday we went to Arnhem to attend the 'Pinkstershow' there. As Qannik was just 9 months and could enter the youth ring for the first time we had high hopes for him.
While we had a good time and enjoyed our talks with the other attendees our main focus was entering the ring with our own dogs Qannik and Galinka.
Qannik went into the ring and did a great performance and was able to get his first Excellent (uitmuntend) on his report.

With this report he got his first youth CAC!! No need to explain how proud we were about Qannik's performance. ;)
Galinka was best husky puppy and made her first appearance in the honor ring!

We'd like to thank the honorable judge A.M. Th. Gielisse for making our day a great one!

With Qannik's first youth CAC came the first check with all male dogs for the best male husky, first time with the big ones!! ;) Even though he didn't make it to be the best male dog he still made a good entrance. :D

PS. Thanx to Gert-Jan Maas for the nice pictures he made from Qannik!

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