zaterdag, februari 09, 2008

New job ....

Some small news update, just started working again two weeks back and liking it very much ;)
Good thing about it all is that I can move the hours around so I can still go out for the dog trainings.
Haven't been able to go to Maastricht for a few weeks now ... on Monday it's time again (looking forward to it also). I hope the dogs will do their best too (as do I have to) ;)
We visited the dogs how in Eindhoven yesterday together with Ron (Nikolatsjka) and met some interesting people and their dogs.
3 dogs from the Nikolatsjka breeder were there (family of Qannik in a way) and had some nice talk with the owners, also the people of cold nomad (although I really need to practice my french).
All in all a great day, only to bad Qannik couldn't enter ... he was 2 days short (Husky's had to enter the ring on Friday and Qannik is 6 months tomorrow Sunday).
Next on the program is Gent at the 24st this month and then probably Luxembourg.

Will keep you informed. ;)

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