dinsdag, december 06, 2005

First Post

Just a quick post to let you know that my blog space is now officialy open.

I will write posts and thoughts in here in english (although my native language is dutch) to try and reach more people with my thoughts. (or even try to capture myself on the errors that I type) ;)

Anyway welcome to all you visitors.



3 opmerkingen:

adagio mango zei

Congratulations dear Begasus on your newly created blog. I'll come and see you here now and again to find out what's new.
Keep the good work going!

Tige® zei

Hey Bega,
I will say it in dutch then ;) that's easier for me ...

Leuk ! Cool ! en ik kom zeker weer een keer terug hier

I'll be back ;)


Anoniem zei

Hello Begasus.
Well you are a very busy guy,and this is very nice.So bloggerdebloggerdeblog ;-p
Greetings from Larissa